Une réflexion sur “Hypnotic Labo

  1. Hi,

    We are small company from Croatia and we are producing limitted edition artist tees, hoodies, tunics, dresses…
    Your contact gave us Soha Fahs last year where we met on one festival in Croatia.

    She recomended you as a great artist, and We’ve convinced in that after viewing your work on facebook.
    All your drawings are really great.

    I do not know if you are interested in some form of cooperation-buying a design.
    If you look at our web shop http://WWW.DSI.FASHION you will see various works that we have made ourselves.

    I want to emphasize that all products are made in Croatia. All production is composed of designing, buying fabrics, cutting, printing and sewing.
    It all started with the idea that we offer interesting design t-shirts at affordable prices.

    We collaborates with amateur and academic artists.
    Most of the fabrics we use is 100% cotton, printing technique is water screan printing, which is one of the best methods in the textile industry.

    It is about making limited collections of about 100 pieces per design.

    Inside of the T-shirt we print the label with your name / logo, and we promote you as a designer.

    This co-operation mostly works in the way that we find some work, in agreement with you maybe we do some minor changes (number of colors, dimensions, and so on), we pay you and you also get a few t-shirt, tunics or whatever after making.

    We would be delighted if you are interested in some form of cooperation, and we are at your disposal for any additional questions.

    Have a nice day,



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